Content management

A content management system is a program that resides on your web server. It enables you to make changes to your website without getting your designer or developer involved.

A good website will always keep growing and having a CMS at your disposal allows you to keep your visitors updated with news, blog posts, artwork, photos, products or services.

With a CMS you also have much more control over the metadata that search engines use to determine the value and importance of your site.


Having tried and used a lot of CMSs over the years we’ve settled on the free and open source ProcessWire. It’s easy (and fast) to develop with and also very user-friendly. A majority of the websites we’ve built have either originally been developed in ProcessWire or eventually been converted to run on it.

The ProcessWire development team also offers some innovative modules to enhance an already great system.


The most impressive and immediately useful module is ProCache. This greatly speeds up your site by rendering all (or some, depending on the configuration) available pages as HTML, therefore bypassing the database. Less database calls equals a faster site. If your audience is international ProCache also provides a way to work with the worlds best CDN (content delivery network) Amazon CloudFront. CloudFront can store all the site assets (cache files and images) and distribute it to various server locations around the world.

For example, if a good portion of your customer base is in the US and your website is hosted in Australia, by utilising CloudFront your site assets will get served to the US from a US server. If a client views your site from the UK your site assets will be served from a UK server. The benefits are that your site load a lot faster.

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